PFD Miami

PFD produces, purchases, monitors and ensures the reliability of energy for Miami. Between the Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown and VOA campuses we consume the approximate equivalent of one trillion wooden matchsticks worth of energy (or BTU’s) per year, with a cost in the ballpark of $25 million. Coordinated, intense and ongoing communication with suppliers and users, and with PFD’s design, construction, utility, energy management and operations groups has resulted in exceeding the state’s 10 year reduction goal of 20% per square foot in 2014.

Long range planning to stop burning coal by 2025 led to the development of a heating and cooling master plan for the Oxford campus, elements of which are being implemented in association with various new construction and renovation projects.

Here are some simple steps you can take to increase Miami’s sustainability by decreasing our energy consumption:

  • Dress for the weather (add or remove a layer to be comfortable with conservation temperatures)
  • Turn off lights and equipment whenever possible
  • Conserve water (it takes energy to heat, process and pump it)
  • If you are in a lab with an open fume hood, ask if it can be closed

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