PFD Miami

Miami’s most recent carbon footprint covers fiscal year 2012, and was calculated as a Professional Service Project for the Physical Facilities Department by a team of graduate students in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability (IES) program using the Clean Air Cool Planet Campus Carbon Calculator. Upon acceptance of the work, the Department conducted an institutional assessment by fine-tuning some assumptions to more closely reflect operational parameters that were beyond the initial scope. PFD’s institutional Assessment of Miami’s Carbon Footprint is used to identify areas in which further reductions can be achieved.

The Oxford Campus is responsible for the emission of approximately 137,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. That volume of gas would fill a sphere whose diameter extends the distance between two iconic landmarks: the MacCracken cupola and the Hub. The Tri-Delta Sundial marks the midpoint and provides a human-scaled reference. Apportioned equally among students, faculty and staff, each would add 5 Sundial-sized (6 foot diameter) spheres to our carbon footprint every instructional day. While none of us carries the weight of all five daily spheres, each of us bears significant weight, and our daily decisions either help or hinder Miami’s ability to be a low-carbon leader in higher education.

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