PFD Miami

Geothermal Heat Exchange Facility

Prerequisite: "The Heart of Geothermal Heat Exchange" outdoor interpretive sign (2 of 4)

Look Inside

Four Heat Pump Chillers and color-coded piping are visible on the main floor of the GHX facility. The piping diagram provides a schematic of the system, showing future expansion as Phase 2.

Follow the Rain

Rain is slowed and absorbed by sedum planted in trays on the vegetated green roof. Excess water travels down the chains to the rain garden. To see the roof-top vegetation from ground level, proceed south on Western Drive toward the Freedom Summer Memorial and look back on the GHX when you are near Clawson Hall. Looking west toward Western Dining Commons provides a view of the green roof on that building too. Tour groups can step out to see a section of the roof that was planted for educational purposes.

Arrange a Group Tour

Tours are available to groups of 25 or more to learn about the geothermal heat exchange facility and to see a portion of its roof up close. Contact the Geothermal Systems Operation Manager, Larry Davidson at for more information. Tours available Monday-Friday with adequate notice.

Prepare for a Sustainability-Related Career

Academic, co-curricular and internship programs at Miami prepare students to work in energy, controls, power systems, landscape and building architecture and financial analysis*. An IES co-major adds an understanding of the environment and sustainability.

* Speaking of financial analysis, did you notice the LED lights illuminating walks on campus? While they have a higher first cost, energy savings and labor savings associated with reduced replacement frequency due to their long life, make them an economical choice.