Millett Hall Guidelines for Use

  1. The facility is intended to be used as a multi-purpose arena with the capability of serving from 1000 to 10,000 people at a specific event. Athletic events (intercollegiate), performing arts, lectures, and exhibitions are the primary types of events.

  2. The facility is not to be used for regularly scheduled academic activities. Exceptions: Room 246 (auditorium seating for 90). Assigned ROTC classrooms.

  3. The building is designated a smoke-free space under Miami University Policy and Information Manual 16.15. There are no exceptions.

  4. Scheduling of the facility based on guidelines 1 and 2 will be handled by the Office of Special Facilities, Room 9, Student Athlete Development Center, 513-529-8012. See addendum for Reservation Process for Special Facilities.

Spaces which can be reserved include

Auxiliary Gym 100
Room 246 100
Concourse Varies
Dressing Room (102) 50
Dressing Room (260) 50
Dressing Room (260) 50
Dressing Room (266) 2
Dressing Room (267) 2
* Outside Millett (must also get permission from Campus Services)
  1. All lighting and sound needs must be approved in advance by the Special Facilities Office. Due to staffing and equipment considerations, it may be difficult to honor last minute changes or requests.

  2. Operation of all building systems (lighting, sound, projection, stage lift, etc.) is restricted to the trained operations staff.

  3. There will be no unsupervised use of the arena. The building staff will be present and on duty during all times the arena is open (games, rehearsals, performances, lectures, etc.) to any group.

  4. The Office of Special Facilities must approve all signs and posters hung in the building.

  5. Restrictions for use of the arena for talent shows include:

    • No liquids or food
    • Cannot break items that require clean up or create an unsafe situation
    • No nudity
    • No vulgarity
    • Must treat equipment with respect
    • No smoking or fires

  6. All sponsoring departments/campus organizations will be required to pay for any overtime costs for the set-up, production and space restoration associated with their activity. The Office of Special Facilities upon request will provide an estimate of costs. A current university account number to be charged must be communicated to the Office of Special Facilities at least two weeks prior to the event. The account number charged will reflect actual costs incurred by the event.

  7. Non-university groups will be required to pay a facility rental fee to be determined by the Vice President of Business and Finance.

  8. Ticket sales, ticket collection, ushering and coat-check services are the responsibility of the user.

  9. Audio-visual requests may be made through the Audio-Visual office (529-6015).

  10. Special services for persons with disabilities may be requested in advance through the Office of Disability Resources, Room 19, Campus Avenue Building, 529-1541.

  11. The Office of Special Facilities reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any request for use of the facility.

  12. Rehearsals for any event will be limited to one additional day (other than the day of the event) in the arena.

  13. Scheduling priority for use of facilities must adhere to the SPECIAL FACILITIES GROUP SCHEDULING PRIORITY LIST (see addendum).