PFD Miami

Mission Statement

The mission of the Facilities Resource Center is to control, protect historical
as well as current information pertaining to campus buildings, grounds and infrastructure.

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose as caretakers of all information pertaining to Miami University's grounds,buildings, utilities, and construction projects shall be to:

  • Collect and retain record documentation (electronic and hard copy) of the campus, buildings and infrastructure.
  • Maintain current-condition database information on buildings,infrastructure and building floor plan layouts.
  • Supply small quantity reproductions of record documents and other retained materials, as well as area and layer specific plots upon request.
  • Co-ordinate or support plans review notification and handling of documents, distribution of drawings and specifications after pre-construction meetings as well as space inventory and use information.
  • Collect and maintain all operations and maintenance manual information.

CAD/GPS Priority

The primary contact for the Facilities Rescource Center is Rick Costelo, who serves as Facilities Resource Center Co-ordinator. He can be reached at (513) 529-6802 or via e-mail at