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Registered Plan Holder Information for:
Hoyt Hall Renovation

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Company Name: Armcorp Construction, Inc.
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:4197787064
Phone Number:4197787024
Address:8511 St. Rt. 703
Celina, OH 45822
Company Name: Bilbrey Const., Inc.
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:937-228-8751
Phone Number:937-228-0046
Address:832 S. Ludlow St.
Dayton, Oh 45402
Company Name: Conger Construction Group
Type of Contractor:Conger Construction Group
Fax Number:5139321204
Phone Number:5139321206
Address:2020 McKinley Blvd.
Lebanon, OH 45036
Company Name: D.A.G. Construction
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:513.542.9286
Phone Number:513-542-8597
Address:4924 Winton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Company Name: ESI, Inc.
Type of Contractor:Electrical
Fax Number:513-454-0251
Phone Number:513-454-3741
Address:4696 Devitt Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Company Name: Empire Building Company
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:513-574-6963
Phone Number:513-574-0900
Address:4520 Bridgetown Road
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Company Name: Esi, Inc.
Type of Contractor:Esi, Inc.
Fax Number:
Phone Number:5134543741
Address:4696 Devitt Dr.
Cincinnati, Oh 45246
Company Name: Hollstegge Electric
Type of Contractor:EC
Fax Number:
Phone Number:513-353-9303
Address:p.o box 27
Miamitown, OH 45041
Company Name: JLKuck General Contractors
Type of Contractor:JLKuck General Contractors
Fax Number:9378360081
Phone Number:9378360081
Address:100 Harrisburg Dr
Englewood, OH 45322
Company Name: Jacobs Telephone Contractors, Inc.
Type of Contractor:Telecommunications
Fax Number:5138474921
Phone Number:5132590473
Address:866 E. Crescentville Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Company Name: Jostin Construction
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:5135591997
Phone Number:5135599390
Address:2335 Florence Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Company Name: Kramer and Feldman
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:5138212271
Phone Number:5138217444
Address:7636 Production Dr
Cincinnati, Oh 45237
Company Name: Performance Construction
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:513-598-5151
Phone Number:513-598-5100
Address:201 Sunset Avenue
North Bend, OH 45052
Company Name: VjijuNICLwwLMl
Type of Contractor:KSWiKZlBjvFuAyoFC
Fax Number:60153887919
Phone Number:75939383066
New York, NY 31154
Company Name: bdOViRuPmYss
Type of Contractor:BnFOTPDgpnpikkdnX
Fax Number:25329109011
Phone Number:49799806378
New York, NY 97758
Company Name: icLrYAvWWa
Type of Contractor:CLPMIDrKaJHHrmB
Fax Number:81466207992
Phone Number:74915716657
New York, NY 41898
Company Name: nsOhhJmDeac
Type of Contractor:OsnxlqLkspBuQvisDJ
Fax Number:76485663876
Phone Number:49763741054
New York, NY 16786
Company Name: pMCEqTdWtKEXRUNfPMW
Type of Contractor:LxAWHoRDidYxLb
Fax Number:17686556610
Phone Number:49364842909
New York, NY 56753
Company Name: uwvTauLdXdMtqqdLEc
Type of Contractor:olYXtEPiscEdOkAqK
Fax Number:22485124660
Phone Number:66011225705
New York, NY 75823

Plan Houses

Plan House Name:Allied Construction Industries
Fax Number:513-221-8023
Phone Number:513-221-8020
Address:3 Kovach Drive
Cincinnati, 45215 Ohio
Plan House Name:Region 4 MBAC
Fax Number:513-751-9100
Phone Number:937-333-1002
Address:907 West Fifth Street
Dayton, 45402 Ohio
Plan House Name:Miami University
Fax Number:513-529-6846
Phone Number:513-529-2801
Address:181 Cole Service Bldg
Oxford, 45056 OH
Plan House Name:Dayton Builders Exchange
Fax Number:937-278-3843
Phone Number:937-278-5723
Address:2077 Embury Park Road
Dayton, 45414 Ohio
Plan House Name:Cincinnati Builders Exchange
Fax Number:513-769-7888
Phone Number:513-769-4800 Ext 203
Address:4350 Glendale-Milford, Suite 120
Cincinnati, 45242 Ohio
Plan House Name:Construction News Corporation
Fax Number:800-229-4626
Phone Number:800-969-4700
Address:7261 Engle Road Suite 101
Middleburg Heights, 44130 Ohio
Plan House Name:Region 5 MBAC
Fax Number:513-751-9100
Phone Number:513-751-9900
Address:2945 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, 45206 Ohio