PFD Miami

Registered Plan Holder Information for:
Farmer School of Business Exterior Door Replacement

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Company Name: Bilbrey Const., Inc.
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:937-228-8751
Phone Number:937-228-0046
Address:832 S. Ludlow St.
Dayton, Oh 45402
Company Name: CImWEZmWrqgTO
Type of Contractor:oLaVafQHnMEqpsVRbee
Fax Number:89762662998
Phone Number:21514593262
New York, NY 47161
Company Name: Elford, Inc.
Type of Contractor:GC/CM
Fax Number:6144876602
Phone Number:6144884000
Address:1220 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215
Company Name: J.L. Kuck General Contractors, Inc.
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:937-836-4892
Phone Number:937-836-0081
Address:100 Harrisburg Drive
Englewood, OH 45322
Company Name: K&T Construction and Supply, Inc.
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:937-790-1022
Phone Number:937-790-1020
Address:275 Conover Dr.
Franklin, OH 45005
Company Name: KBvtUGAttmOmZOIzF
Type of Contractor:GqujCKpZLZlpKVJdy
Fax Number:81277343358
Phone Number:95305224716
New York, NY 88328
Company Name: Leo J. Brielmaier Co.
Type of Contractor:GC
Fax Number:513-681-2228
Phone Number:513-541-0458
Address:5848 Winton Ridge Ln
Cincinnati, Oh 45232
Company Name: Ryans All Glass
Type of Contractor:Glazing Contractor
Fax Number:513-771-7091
Phone Number:513-771-4440
Address:131 A Barron Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Company Name: SFrrVVMBLHI
Type of Contractor:csgriXYaSNMhe
Fax Number:51329266734
Phone Number:16523320191
New York, NY 68907
Company Name: Thor Construction
Type of Contractor:General
Fax Number:
Phone Number:7659626553
Address:1111 MW T Street
Richmond, IN 47374
Company Name: akdFfBCmBzOCF
Type of Contractor:UyYJYssdTeJQgNccxT
Fax Number:11342094026
Phone Number:11901206423
New York, NY 94192
Company Name: jusTCXzHiVhEqopLUrl
Type of Contractor:KIncNJMFblBUgJB
Fax Number:89982916040
Phone Number:52721338390
New York, NY 35501
Company Name: poPSxabDmpNP
Type of Contractor:XxUhgwlnIEuTIYnTG
Fax Number:37357038819
Phone Number:72393397425
New York, NY 50395
Company Name: socquhQjTZ
Type of Contractor:oxrkORhTgLtxcp
Fax Number:82230182184
Phone Number:47215525412
New York, NY 57660

Plan Houses

Plan House Name:Allied Construction Industries
Fax Number:513-221-8023
Phone Number:513-221-8020
Address:3 Kovach Drive
Cincinnati, 45215 Ohio
Plan House Name:Region 4 MBAC
Fax Number:513-751-9100
Phone Number:937-333-1002
Address:907 West Fifth Street
Dayton, 45402 Ohio
Plan House Name:Miami University
Fax Number:513-529-6846
Phone Number:513-529-2801
Address:181 Cole Service Bldg
Oxford, 45056 OH
Plan House Name:Dayton Builders Exchange
Fax Number:937-278-3843
Phone Number:937-278-5723
Address:2077 Embury Park Road
Dayton, 45414 Ohio
Plan House Name:Cincinnati Builders Exchange
Fax Number:513-769-7888
Phone Number:513-769-4800 Ext 203
Address:4350 Glendale-Milford, Suite 120
Cincinnati, 45242 Ohio
Plan House Name:Construction News Corporation
Fax Number:800-229-4626
Phone Number:800-969-4700
Address:7261 Engle Road Suite 101
Middleburg Heights, 44130 Ohio
Plan House Name:Region 5 MBAC
Fax Number:513-751-9100
Phone Number:513-751-9900
Address:2945 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, 45206 Ohio