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Art Building HVAC Replacement 2018 REBID - see Addendum 3 to Original Project for Rebid Bid Documents

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Company Name: Naguessa Inc
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:9549091898
Phone Number:9549091898
Address:3108 W 81 St
Hialeah Garden, FL 33018
Company Name: Oswald Company
Type of Contractor:General Contractor
Fax Number:513-793-8213
Phone Number:513-745-4424
Address:308 E. 8th Street, Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Company Name: PzgmWeIhDOkvuMve
Type of Contractor:SdbkdxclcZRqRW
Fax Number:38335787676
Phone Number:57664072798
New York, NY 82090
Company Name: gwyijZtOVaQnYBHtg
Type of Contractor:jCWLEzUIEgEKqMdgU
Fax Number:61365132508
Phone Number:91952734274
New York, NY 16931
Company Name: vkCblxzZgOZ
Type of Contractor:qcWdBxZWtCKtZbzlMg
Fax Number:26260442405
Phone Number:89351471811
New York, NY 90084

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