PFD Miami

HDRBS and PFD Custodial Merger

Members of the Custodial Consolidation Team:

Meetings began on September 16th, 2016 concerning the consolidation of the University's custodial operations. The team was established to review the custodial processes and recommend changes to improve the quality and efficiency of these services under the merged operations. Current agenda items include:

  • Building assessments will be conducted using APPA standards to determine our current state. We are partnering with Xavier Univerisity during this process to provide a fresh set of eyes assessment.
  • An RFP (request for proposal) has been sent out for Custodial Operations Consulting Services to assist our team in understandng industry best practices and to help develop a future state.
  • PFD has contracted with Helbling and Associates to complete an executive search to secure a Director of Building Services.
  • Standardization of supplies and ordering process.