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Questions Concerning: Scheduling an Office or Departmental Move? Need Moving Guidelines! Need to Borrow University Tables and Chairs for - Departmental Use? - Personal Use?

Print the Employee Chair/Table Loan Consent Form

Scheduling an Office or Departmental Move?

  • Moves are provided at no cost unless the move takes place after normal trucking hours.
  • We recommend at least two weeks lead time on regular moves, but please call up to six months ahead of time for major moves, especially those involving construction projects.
  • If you require services of other departments, call them ahead of time as well. If the following steps are completed by your department prior to the date of your move, you will insure a smooth, timely move with a minimal amount of disruption or confusion.
  • Submit a work order to the trucking crew through the web page.
    * Make sure to include all pertinent information.
  • Review the following moving guidelines.
Moving Guidelines!
  • All furnishings, including desks, file cabinets, storage cabinets, book shelves, etc. should be emptied of their contents. The contents should be placed in packing tubs that will be supplied by Trucking Services. Trucking Services is not responsible for packing or unpacking. The contents must be placed in the tubs in such a manner that the lids can be sealed. Tubs which are not sealed will not be moved. The occupant's name and the final destination of the items must be marked on the top and all four sides of each tub.
  • Once the move is completed, the empty packing tubs must be returned to Trucking Services for reuse. If they are not returned, your department will be charged for them.
  • All furnishing should be marked with similar information by placing pieces of masking tape on the top and all four sides of each tub.
  • All mimeograph or offset printing equipment must be emptied of all fluids prior to the move. Copiers that are property of the University or on a lease purchase plan can be moved. Trucking Services will not move copiers that are rented.
  • All computers and related equipment must be disconnected prior to the arrival of the moving crew. All software and smaller accessories should be packed in boxes. If the original hardware packing boxes are available, they should be used. If they are not available, the hardware can be moved by special handling in a separate Trucking Services vehicle.
  • Arrangements should be made for the disassembly of any modular furnishings or removal of bookshelves that are mounted on the wall prior to the moving date. This can be accomplished by contacting the Service Desk at 529-6111.
  • If an office has a large collection of books or periodicals, they can be moved by special book carts. This will eliminate unnecessary packing. To arrange for this service, contact the Trucking Manager or Assistant Manager at 529-7035.
  • Most laboratory furnishings and equipment can be packed in tubs.
  • If large and/or delicate equipment is being moved, contact the Manager or Assistant Manager to determine special handling requirements. Equipment that is permanently connected to utility services should be disconnected prior to the arrival of the trucking crew. To arrange for this, contact the Service Desk at 529-6111.
  • Chemical moves must be accomplished in accordance with guidelines established by the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 529-2829.
  • Arrangements to move audio-visual equipment including wall mounted screens, should be made through the Audio-Visual Department at 529-6015.
  • Trucking Services will not be responsible for any damages to items that are not the property of Miami University. Personal effects such as P.C.'s, plants, etc. should be moved by the individual owner.
  • It would be helpful if each department would designate a contact person to work with the Trucking Manager.
  • The University does NOT store items that your department will want back. Anything that goes to storage becomes community property.

Need to Rent University Tables and Chairs?
The process is different depending on status at the university.

Departmental Use

Submit a work order including all pertinent information.

Tables and chairs are lent out at no charge, unless furniture is lost or damaged.

The requested furniture will be dropped off and picked up during normal trucking hours. If the furniture must be dropped off or picked up after hours or on the weekend, an overtime charge will be included.

Miami University Employees
Obtain or print this Equipment/Facilities Loan Consent form.
  • Complete the form, sign it and return it to Cole Service Building, Trucking Services.
  • Tables and chairs are lent out at no charge, unless furniture is lost or damaged.
  • It is your responsibility to pick up as well as return all borrowed furniture within the prescheduled amount of time.
  • Arrangements for pick up and return will be made on an individual bases.