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Requesting Service Requests for service from the Physical Facilities Department should be directed to the Operations Center by mail, phone (ext. 96111) or The Online Work Management System. The Operations Center will assign a priority to your request and forward it to the appropriate shop. Priorities will be assigned in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Priority #1 - Classified as an emergency which needs to be corrected immediately.
  • Priority #2 - Classified as an urgent situation which impairs an operation but will still allow it to function. This type of request will normally be attended to within 24 hours.
  • Priority #3 - Classified as routine work which will be scheduled as the availability of personnel permits.

While every effort is made to accomplish work in a timely manner, there are occasions when work must be deferred due to the availability of manpower or funding. When a request must be deferred, the requesting department will be notified of the reasons for the delay. The understanding of these delays is appreciated.

Concerns About Customer Service: There may be times when the quality of service provided by our department is not up to your expectations. If this should occur, we encourage you to contact the Operations Center or the supervisor of the shop/area responsible for providing the service. Should you have positive comments about the services provided, we would welcome these comments and pass them on to the appropriate individuals involved.

Improvements to Facilities: The Office of Planning, Architecture, and Engineering within PFD is primarily responsible for planning, development, and accomplishment of new construction and renovations for Miami University.

Requests for new construction, renovation, modification, equipment installations, or change of space usage must be submitted using the link Service and Project Request that can also be found at the main PFD page. The request will be logged as a PC workorder and directed to the Director of Small projects at PFD. Depending on project size and complexity, a scope meeting and preliminary cost estimate will be provided to determine its economic feasibility prior to securing proper funding and the approval of the Academic Dean and Departmental Chair or Director. If Miami approvals are required (PFD, SUG, CPC, CEC, etc), the director will guide the project through the appropriate process, prior to assigning a Project Manager to complete the project.

It is essential that no changes or additions be made to any campus structure or utility system without these Miami approvals.