PFD Miami

Non Capital Projects Group

Within request description, please include date desired/required for completion.

Work orders for this group have a prefix of "PC".

Non Capital Project Team (small projects):

  • Tony Yunker, Associate Director
  • Mike Smith, Interior Designer
  • Mike Creager, PM
  • Andrew Burwinkel, PM, Estimator
  • Glen Moss, PM
  • Tricia Price, PM
  • Janet Little, Interior Designer

Project may include, but not limited to the following:

  • Estimates (Potential projects, matching funds submissions, etc)
  • Small space refresh: carpet, paint, etc
  • New electric/data needs
  • Furniture procurement
  • Accessibility, Code evaluations/improvements
  • Space renovation, including matching funds
  • Furniture repair
  • Signage/Evacuation plans

Timing Guidelines:

  • Our goal is to respond to requests within 5 business days (Extends to 10 days during summer).
  • Please allow the following minimum timeframe for typical project completion:
    • Surplus furniture: 2 weeks
    • Estimate for renovation: 4 weeks
    • Small finishes refresh: 4 weeks (+1 if estimate required)
    • New minor electric/data: 4 weeks (+2 if estimate required)
    • New furniture procurement: 12 weeks (+2 if estimate required)
    • Space reconfigured: 24 weeks (+4 if estimate required)


  • Contact Tony Yunker ( for general questions and comments regarding requests
  • Contact Brandon Burke ( to provide feedback on process or projects
  • Place request to receive estimate for Matching Funds project submission as soon as possible (6 weeks minimum).
  • Large space renovations for summer work may require more time depending on size and complexity, submit a request as soon as possible.
  • Miami PM is the requestor's sole contact for the project. Please do not communicate needs/desires directly to contractors.