PFD Miami

Department Overview

   If education is to flourish, the University buildings and grounds must be attractive, clean, safe, and energy efficient. Our goal is to provide excellence in service and maintain the campus and facilities at the high standard that is exemplified by the Miami tradition of excellence.

   Through the efforts of approximately 350 dedicated employees the department maintains 2000 acres of grounds and approximately 7.5 million square feet of building area. Included in this maintenance effort are approximately 9000 trees, 76 acres of parking area, and 32 miles of walks. The department operates and maintains the University's major utility systems such as electrical, lighting, and steam distribution, central steam plant, chilled water plant, and water systems. Other support organizations of the department include: Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Utility Enterprise, and Administration. The Department also assists in the maintenance and operation of the Hamilton and Middletown regional campuses.

   Located primarily in the Foster Cole Service Building, the Physical Facilities Department consists of four major divisions which are responsible for a wide range of services.